What To Do If Arrested For Reckless Driving in Virginia

Criminal charges related to the operation of a motor vehicle are tricky. While most people think of car-related legal problems as the kind of thing that just raise their insurance, the truth is that the law looks at cars as (rightfully) dangerous devices. If you break the law in a car, you’re putting the public at risk – something the law simply cannot ignore. One distressingly common crime committed in a motor vehicle is Reckless Driving. Virginia looks quite poorly upon this crime, and understanding what can happen to you if the law is violated is something you must understand. Without proper understanding, you may find yourself facing harsher penalties than you might have imagined.

What is Reckless Driving?

According to the Virginia Code, Reckless Driving can encompass some possible infractions. While there’s a general belief that this law is related to speed, the Code specifies that speed doesn’t matter. Instead, what matters is that one drives a vehicle recklessly in a manner or at a speed that endangers the life, limb, or property of another person. This is considered to be a misdemeanor crime, with the possibility of license revocation, fines, and even jail time assessed to someone who is found guilty of the crime.

Why You Need an Attorney

While this might be a misdemeanor, this is a still a crime that can change your life. At the very least, a Reckless Driving charge will stay on your driving record for over a decade. If you hold a commercial driving license, being charged with reckless driving in Richmond is enough to get that license revoked. It can also raise issues for others who hold professional licenses. Even those that don’t have such special circumstances can find themselves in jail or pay thousands of dollars in fines if they are found guilty. The proper representation can help to save both your time and your money.

Reckless driving isn’t something that should be shrugged off or ignored. If you find yourself charged with this crime, you must contact an attorney. The cost of an attorney is nothing compared to the costs you might pay if you are found guilty. Don’t let this kind of charge define the rest of your life. Contact a lawyer to help you figure out what steps you can take to keep your life on the right track.