The Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer List

The Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer List

In Houston, TX, law enforcement agencies are known to be extremely aggressive which has resulted in hundreds if not thousands of arrests of individuals who otherwise would have been arrested. Houston criminal defense lawyers are well aware that many minorities are at risk of racial profiling which leads to them being arrested and, many times, wrongfully convicted. The main reason for wrongful convictions is not necessarily hate from the state, but a lack of legal representation to point out flaws in case, evidence, and to affirm the rights of the accused party. Far too often the kings and queens of liberty in this country (prosecutors and judges) forget about the constitutional rights of the individuals who have consented to them being in a position to govern. (This is why we had to have appellate courts.)

The Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

A Warrior for the Accused Defendant

The purpose of the criminal defense attorney is to ensure that the defendant in any criminal case has representation on par with that of the state. The state of Texas will bring evidence to the table, and the Houston criminal defense lawyer representing the accused should also have evidence or a strong counter to evidence against the accused. If the state of Texas and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office puts a witness on the stand against the defendant, then it is the job of the Houston criminal defense lawyer to cross-examine that witness and to call witness of their own. If the Houston criminal defense lawyer is not effective in court, their client will suffer.

The Business of the Criminal Justice System

Public Safety & Self-Promulgation

The criminal justice system loves to sink its teeth into young suspected criminal offenders for purposes related to public safety but more importantly, the promulgation of the prison industrial complex. With a skilled Houston criminal defense attorney on your side, you’ll be able to fight for your rights in your freedom when others who may not be able to afford suitable legal representation will not.

The purpose of this particular writing is to shed light on who we believe to be the top criminal defense lawyers who are currently accepting new clients in Houston and surrounding areas. If you or someone you care about were arrested in the Houston area then it behooves you to embrace this list as he warrior who will be fighting for the freedom of the defendant is likely highlighted here.

Finding Legal Representation in Harris County

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Recommendations

Houston Skyline North view aerial in Texas US USAFelony and misdemeanor convictions can result in a lifetime of hardship and pain. Far too often innocent people are locked away in prison to be confined for years while guilty people walk around free among us. That is to say that innocent people are always convicted, but it is to say that when an innocent person is convicted it is because they failed to hire the best criminal defense lawyer in Houston that they could find.

In the list below we’ve include many of the best criminal justice attorneys in Houston that have gained the respect of their peers and clients. If you’re looking for a top Houston criminal defense attorney, they’ll be in the list below.

Jack B. Carroll & Associates
1419 Franklin St, Houston, TX 77002
WebsiteMap • Phone: 713-228-4607

Adamo & Adamo Law Firm
3200 Travis St 4th floor, Houston, TX 77006
WebsiteMapPhone: 713-568-7011

Bennett & Bennett
Fourth Floor, 917 Franklin St, Houston, TX 77002
WebsiteMap • Phone: 713-224-1747

Scheiner Law Group P.C.
2211 Norfolk St #735, Houston, TX 77098
WebsiteMapPhone: 713-783-8998

Attorney Tyrone Moncriffe
1001 Texas Ave #720, Houston, TX 77002
WebsiteMapPhone: 713-224-6628

Because Your Rights Matter

If you feel that one of the attorneys or law firms in the list above shouldn’t be listed as a top Houston criminal defense lawyer, contact our publishing team by clicking or pressing here.